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Competitive Pricing & Full Customization Options

the legends golf club Pro shop

With Taylor Made, Titleist and Callaway, the Legends Pro Shop has something for every golfer’s game. We pride ourselves on helping you with your game. The Legends Pro Shop Staff helps you in finding what works best for your game. With the help our PGA of Saskatchewan Professionals, we can analyze your game and help you decide what is best for your game. And once we find what you need, we help your wallet as well. Just as competitive as the rest, the Legends will ensure you get the best quality for your money.

The Legends Pro Shop also carries great clothing lines such as PUMA, PLYR Golf, Under Armour and Travis Mathew. Come find your new favourite polo or exclusive Legends logo apparel. Everything from great looking caps to a fresh new outfit, the Legends is committed to making you feel comfortable and look great.