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With Taylor Made, Titleist and Callaway, the Legends Pro Shop has something for every golfer’s game. We pride ourselves on helping you with your game. The Legends Pro Shop Staff helps you in finding what works best for your game. With the help our PGA of Saskatchewan Professionals, we can analyze your game and help you decide what is best for your game. And once we find what you need, we help your wallet as well. Just as competitive as the rest, the Legends will ensure you get the best quality for your money.

The Legends Pro Shop also carries great clothing lines such as Adidas, PLYR Golf, Under Armour and Travis Mathew. Come find your new favourite polo or exclusive Legends logo apparel. Everything from great looking caps to a fresh new outfit, the Legends is committed to making you feel comfortable and look great.



We are proud to provide one of the most extensive lesson programs available for golf enthusiasts in western Canada. Discover golf the way it was meant to be played with a top-notch driving range, short-game practice area complete with greenside bunkers. Our junior and family programs reflect our commitment to encouraging youngsters and families to take up and truly enjoy the game we love so much.

Taught by PGA of Canada professionals on our premier practice facilities, the instruction at The Legends is sure to enhance your game – whether you need a one-time brush up on specific skills or ongoing, progressive training.

Contact our PGA of Canada Professional by calling 306.931.8814 or email [email protected]

We will be offering Junior Clinics and Camps again for 2020. Information can be found by clicking the links below.

2020 Junior Clinic and Camp Information

2020 Junior Camp Registration Form

The Legends Golf Club offers leagues for men, ladies, seniors and juniors. If you are looking for a weekly event to meet new people, win prizes, and have a lot of fun while playing a little golf look no further.


Legends Men’s Night
Legends Golf Club Men’s Night will begin Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 with a 9 hole, 6:00 pm shotgun start. The league runs every Wednesday evening until the middle of September with plenty of Pro Shop promotions and restaurant specials. The cost of Men’s night will be $10 for members and $50 for non-members with a cart. There is an optional buffet every week for $17. The popular HI-LO game will be featured throughout the summer with a skins game and par 3 money games each week. For more information, please contact the Legends Pro Shop at 306-931-8814.

Men’s Night $10 break down:
$4.50 – Hi Lo paid out in gift certificate
$2.50 – Towards $10 gift certificates
$1.50 – Deuce Pot #3
$1.50 – Deuce Pot #7

Legends Golf Club Ladies Night
Beginning Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 Ladies Night will feature a 9 hole, 6:00 pm shotgun starts each week. The league runs from May 15th until the middle of September and will feature great deals in the Pro Shop each week. The cost of ladies night will be $5.00 for the game, $30 for golf, and $10 for power carts. Weekly games and activities will vary each week on a course that will be set up for all levels of golfers. Each week the restaurant will offer food and drink specials. Please contact the Legends Pro Shop at 306-931-8814 for more information.

Ladies Night $5.00 break down:
$2.00 – Weekly game
$2.00 – Towards $10 gift certificate
$0.50 – Closest to the pin hole #3
$0.50 – Closest to the pin hole #7


Senior Morning Skins Game
Beginning May 4th, 2020 and running until October, the Legends Senior Morning Leagues are our most popular leagues. Each Monday and Wednesday morning, our league play starts with a shotgun start beginning at 8:30 am. This is a great way for Legends members and the public alike to meet new golfers and create lasting relationships. The weekly entry fee is $5.00 plus any applicable green or cart fee. Prize money is divided after every 18 holes. More importantly, participants are welcomed to join us at the Prairie Links restaurant for a beverage and networking.


Tuesday Morning Ladies League

2020 will be the eighth season of the Tuesday Morning Ladies’ League at The Legends.  If you are a woman interested in golfing 18 holes on Tuesday mornings, this may be the league for you.  We are a group of approximately 40 women who love golf and enjoy socializing.  We will have a shotgun start for the 2019 season, giving us a better chance to get to know one another, socializing after our round.  The league starts May 05th and ends September, 24th.

We have a mixed format that includes individual play, fun days, match play and tournaments.  At the end of the season, we have an awards luncheon with lots of prizes given out in various categories.

We are affiliated with Golf Saskatchewan and the Saskatoon Women’s Golf Council.  If you are interested in playing in tournaments or events, hosted by other Saskatoon and area women, you can find out more and qualify for the tournaments during your Tuesday morning play.

You do not have to be a seasoned golfer.  Clinics are available to improve your game.  We have a handicap chair and she is able to provide you with the information needed to set up a handicap should you wish to hold a handicap or answer any questions you have.

If you are interested in joining or would like additional information, please contact President, Elaine Jamison at [email protected] or at 306-242-2404 or one of the  Sports Captains, Eileen McGill at  [email protected] or at 306-239-2160 or Gale Pryznyk at [email protected] or at 306-975-6834.

The Legends is a great golf course and the women are friendly and helpful.  We hope to see you soon.



Elaine Jamison, President                

Eileen McGill, Sports Captain

Gale Pryznyk, Sports Captain

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors for supporting our 2019 League Nights


We expect nothing more from golfers than the general etiquette that is part of the integrity of the game of golf. Our Player Assistants are employed to monitor course conduct and speed of play to ensure that everyone has a great experience at the Legends Golf Club.

We ask that you adhere to the following:

  • Repair your ball mark and at least one other on the green.
  • Replace all divots.
  • Rake all bunkers.
  • Soft spikes only. No metal spikes are allowed.

Dress Code

  • No torn or tattered blue jeans.
  • No gym wear (spandex, sweats, etc.)
  • No muscle shirts.
  • No tank tops or swimwear (sleeveless, collared shirts are acceptable)
  • Shirts and shoes required.
  • Running shoes, golf shoes or golf sandals are required (no flip flop sandals).

Golf Carts

  • Power Golf Carts are normally supplied for a tournament.
  • The cart operator must complete a cart rental agreement form. This agreement outlines the conditions in case of any damages or harm that may be sustained during their time of usage.
  • Drivers must be 19 years of age and carry a valid driver’s license and must provide a credit card imprint at the time of rental.
  • The 90-degree rule requires you to remain on the cart path at all times until you are in line with the ball. At this time you can make a 90-degree turn to your ball and then proceed back in the same manner.

Pace of Play Policy

1. Players are responsible to keep up to the group in front of them at all times.
2. To be considered on pace, groups must be within 1 shot of the group ahead of them.
3. When there is no group in front to use as a reference, a playing time of a maximum of 2 hours 20 minutes shall be used per 9 holes.
4. For the first 2 hours of tee times, groups will be expected to play in 2 hours 15 minutes or less per 9 holes.
5. Groups unable to keep up will be moved to the appropriate position on the course.
6. At no time will the excuse “there is no one behind us” be accepted for not keeping up with the pace of play.
The accepted pace of play at the Legends Golf Club is a maximum time of 4 hours and 30 minutes. This time has been established by the golfers of this course and is based on averages of similar courses in the golf industry. The following will address commonly asked questions about our pace of play policy.

Who decides if a group is “slow”?
Our Marshals have total authority over golf play. To avoid any confusion and to ensure that our policies are enforced in a consistent manner, the methods used to identify groups that are behind an acceptable pace of play are made as simple as possible. If you have fallen back, relative to the group ahead of you, you are behind! IE: if you tee off immediately behind the group in front, you are expected to stay immediately behind that group at all times for the duration of your round.

Why did the Marshal ask me to speed up?
If you have been asked to pick up your pace it means that you have been identified as having fallen back of the group ahead of you. This does not mean you are being singled out. Many groups may be asked to speed up every day. A group can fall behind briefly for many reasons such as a member of your group may have spent an extra couple of minutes searching for a lost ball, or your group may have had to wait a few minutes for a maintenance cart to clear a landing area. Of more importance is a group that is simply taking too much time between shots and not being ready to play or are otherwise unaware they have fallen behind. In either case, the Marshal will likely know the reason your group has fallen behind. It is his job to remind everyone that they must keep up with the group in front.

Why has the Marshal asked me to speed up, even though there is no one behind me?
The pace of play is determined by your position relative to the group ahead, not the group behind. If the group behind you has fallen back, it means that the marshal will be trying to get them back into proper position. To move them into position the group ahead of them (your group) must first be positioned properly.

What happens if our group cannot keep up?
The Legends Golf Club welcomes golfers of all abilities, however, it is a condition of playing at this course that you play within the stated pace of play and do not fall back of the groups ahead. High handicap golfers do not have a monopoly on slow play. Many mid and low handicap golfers also have bad habits that can contribute to slow play. The Marshal will give your group fair opportunities to catch back up to the group ahead of you (the number of opportunities will depend on how far behind you have fallen). If your group still is not capable of catching the group ahead you may be asked to play a more forward tee or pick up your ball and move ahead into position. We want all our customers to enjoy a relaxing time on our course without feeling they are being pressured, but sometimes these actions must be taken to ensure unacceptable delays do not occur on the course. Failure to follow the Marshals instructions could result in removal from the course.

If there are Marshals, why is it slow today?
Our staff does everything within their power to minimize the number of slow rounds on the golf course. There are, however, on a few occasions, circumstances beyond our control that prevent this from happening. To coordinate a large group of golfers during long and busy days requires cooperation from all of the players. If this is not forthcoming, your round may take longer through no fault of your own. For this reason, we can only guarantee our best effort to maintain the pace of play and without help from all players cannot guarantee a specific pace of play.

What can I do to help the pace of play?
Everyone who plays golf has a responsibility to share the golf course fairly with other golfers. If you are falling behind, please use these simple tips. Play ready golf. This means when the way is clear for you to shoot, be ready to shoot. Don’t be concerned with whose turn it is to hit. If there is a member of your group who is a shorter hitter have them hit first. Do not stop on a tee box or green to have a conversation. Keep playing and walking/driving while conversing, as the group behind you will be waiting for you to clear the landing area. Don’t spend too much time looking for a golf ball. If you can’t find it in a few minutes drop another and continue. If you are using a power cart, walking to your ball to see which club you’ll need wastes a great deal of time. Take several clubs to your ball if you are not sure. Keep up to the group ahead of you!